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Profit Is A Choice

Dec 8, 2019

069: The Weight of Entrepreneurship


On the podcast today is Brenda Thompson, owner and lead designer at HouseLift Design. She is a designer in the Metro Atlanta area and started it as a second career after 20 years working in corporate. Brenda and I are going to talk about three main topics today: transitioning from corporate to being an entrepreneur, how she scaled her business and realized she could not do everything, and creating a work/life balance.  

Brenda is open and transparent about her journey and that makes it such a great discussion. My bet is that each person listening will find some area of the conversation that resonates with their own journey. I know I saw many parallels with my story.

Topics Mentioned:

  • Weight
  • Support
  • Balance
  • Transition

Thoughts from Brenda:

  • I’ve always cared about profitability.
  • I didn’t expect the “weight” of running your own business.
  • I am always thinking about the business.
  • I just wanted to have the freedom to do my own thing. Happiness matters.
  • A support system is so needed when you venture out to start a business.
  • I knew there was going to be a time period that I was going to work a lot.
  • Anytime someone called me, I wanted to say yes….But it started to drive me crazy.
  • I was letting the business run me instead of me running my business.
  • My sanity and the flow was worth more than having that extra consult.
  • When I didn’t have an outlet, I felt lonely.


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